Myrtle Beach

img_0493-1Myrtle Beach State Park was a place for Braden and Jess to learn things in the interpretive center and for me to learn things at the Carolina-Virginias Telecom Association conference. There were nice breezes, cool water and fun tide pools to explore. Braden was fascinated by the pelicans and boogey boarders, we took a nice trail ride on the bike (where Braden and I may have run over a little snake) and spent hours playing in the surf.

Yes, it was hot and the sand got everywhere, but that’s part of the beach. The good news is, none of us got any visible sun burn before Jess’s brother’s wedding.

We knew Myrtle Beach would be great for people watching (one of Jess’s favorite sports) and it didn’t disappoint.

We are on a (not-so) great streak of having friendly, quiet elderly campsite neighbors replaced after one night by partying rednecks. It happened again when we camped at Myrtle Beach State Park.

MBSP has GREAT educational programming that had Braden rattling off interesting facts. Some jellyfish don’t sting. Vinegar minimizes the pain after a jellyfish sting. Female lightning bugs fly lower and eat the higher-flying males whenever they get the chance.


While I think I prefer the Gulf beaches, Myrtle Beach was nice. It was loaded with shells and we saw a turtle nest.

The drive from Myrtle Beach was supposed to take 6 hours but wound up taking us 8 hours so we missed the rehearsal for Jess’s brother’s wedding. Driving and backing up is still going well. I live in the slow lane. So far on our trip, I have changed lanes and passed a total of 7 other vehicles.

More on the wedding in the next post!

Best Braden Quotes of the week:

“Everything eats each other.”

(Summing up a class on sea life at the Myrtle Beach SP Nature Center)

“My face smells like doglick.”

(It probably did)

Deep Thoughts:

Waves frequently look bigger and scarier when they are far away, but by the time they break near you they often aren’t anything to worry about. Let’s remember that with the metaphorical waves in our lives.

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One thought on “Myrtle Beach

  1. I started with this one and loved it. My parents stayed at MBSP one time on the way back to Augusta from visiting in PA, NJ, NY, DC. They really liked it and got a pllace in Pirateland (right next door) to park the RV while they were in Augusta or while they were enjoying MB. We have to talkl about the gulf beaches.


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