Jess loves Kentucky?

Kentucky Horse Park / Lexington


Jess surprised me.

“I love Kentucky,” she said just before we went to sleep. “Rolling hills, green grass and the perfect breeze.”

Kentucky isn’t always like this, but the Kentucky Horse Park and Lexington sure was nice.

“Extremely pleasant” was how I keep describing it.

The weather was just about perfect aside from one rainy night.

Jess and Braden toured Horse Park including the Hall of Champions, the Saddlebred Museum and the Kids Barn, where they got to pet mini-horses, get a photo with Funny Cide and found out just how big Clydesdales really are.

We also took a bike ride through the park and checked out Rolex Stadium where they have lots of equestrian events. Horses are apparently a pretty big deal here in the Horse Capital of the World.

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In other news, Jess has given up coffee and it’s been remarkably easy. I was worried about all of us.

We are both amazed at how long Braden can be entertained by playing with other children on a playground. There was certainly a gaggle of children over there all of the time. One of the nice things about the KHP campground was that our site backed up to the playground. Braden could play while Jess sat in her chair under our awning with the dogs. This enabled her to read a Southern Living cover-to-cover for the first time in a while.

Braden was a little celebrity in our part of the park, posing for more than a dozen selfies with teenage girls.

At my conference, I caught up with a bunch of folks, met some new people, presented well (Topic: Sharing Your Company’s Story) and succeeded in smuggling out for Jess one of the legendary bourbon cakes they serve at the dessert reception every year. 

Our story is kind of making the rounds. One CEO of a telco we work with greeted me with “So where are you parked?!?” I didn’t even know he knew we were camping.

IMG_0066Lexington also marked our first stop where an old friend was able to meet up with us. I hope this becomes a trend! I worked with Steve Ivey at the Anniston Star in Alabama and I was glad when he reached out to meet up with us. He works in HR for the University of Kentucky. Steve was part of our crew who went to the Birmingham Barons games so we met up with him at the Lexington Legends (A – Royals) game. It’s a really nice A-ball park with a great kids area. It’s’ also the only park I’ve ever seen with a Doppler radar ball just over the home run wall. Thanks Steve for contacting us. I hope other folks will too! 

While Lexington is known for horses, we found some curious ducks: two giant wooden ones and one pet?

We left the Horse Park Friday and stayed one night at the Wild Side Winery in Versailles, KY (pronounced: ver-SALES). We did a wine tasting (well, Jess and I did) and enjoyed their blackberry wine the most of what we tried. They also had a very good apple-pear cider, a massive shaggy dog named Thor and a very nice owner named Neil.

We’re headed to the western part of Kentucky Saturday. More updates coming then!

Biggest thing we miss so far: Ice

Restaurants visited: 0

Mystery: Why can’t Braden open the RV bathroom door when he needs to go, but he can when he needs to tell you something and you’re in there?


12 thoughts on “Jess loves Kentucky?

  1. We miss you all here at the Center. What fun it is to read all about your adventures. A wonderful learning experience for Braden. Wish I was there.

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