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On Sunday night, six days before we left we were driving home from Jess’s brother’s wedding shower in Wrens, Ga. We had stopped in Powder Springs to pick up our Honda Fit tow vehicle at my parents. I was exhausted in my truck with Jess trailing in the Honda.

Long about Cartersville (or maybe Calhoun?) there was one of those lottery billboards that displayed $161 million jackpot for the Mega Millions. I thought to myself, like I have dozens of times when I’ve seen similar billboards: “If I won the jackpot I would …”

Except this time, I finished that sentence with: “ … I wouldn’t do anything different than what I’m doing right now.” It was a pretty cool moment for me that made me realize our 506 adventure was worth all of the long nights, longer to-do lists and stressful mornings. Traveling around the country in an RV has been my answer to that Jackpot question for a long time. Now we’re doing it. The biggest difference is that we’re towing a Honda behind the RV instead of a Ferrari.


Now, as for leaving …

Jess’s last day was Friday, May 20. Why we thought it was a good idea for her to work until the last day, I don’t know. She’s been a warrior woman in getting everything ready. If it were up to me, we’d have the whole trip planned out and not a single box packed. Her co-workers threw her a party on her last week (cake pictured above) and I really get the impression she genuinely likes and is liked by her co-workers.

In the span of about thrFile May 23, 9 29 30 PMee weeks we sold Jess’s car to Carmax, sold my truck to Christina Holmes, bought a Honda Fit from a shady guy from Craigslist in Marietta, sold our house, moved to my in-laws, quit Jess’s job, had a second and third yard sale, attended a three-day work conference in Charleston, moved into the RV and left for Kentucky. No wonder we’re tired.

Saying goodbye to friends, family and Chattanooga (and my truck) for a little while was a little sadder than I had thought it was going to be, but we’ve already gotten messages from several friends we haven’t seen in a while that want to meet us on the road.


Corrections from the last post:

The Kentucky Derby is in Louisville, not Lexington. The Kentucky Horsepark where we’re staying is in Lexington.

Closing on the house was moved to May 5.

What’s next:

We cancelled the Little Rock leg of the trip for now by switching from a conference there to one back in Tennessee.

Kentucky: Cumberland Falls State Park, Lexington (work conference), Land Between the Lakes

Tennessee: Reelfoot Lake, Franklin (work conference)


9 thoughts on “Leaving

  1. Very envious of your plans! Wish we had the means to do this before our kids started school. Good luck on your journey… I will be watching your progress. 🙂 (I see your dad sharing posts… I am a friend of his through Kidabra and our mutual love of bacon.)

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  2. Jessica….so sorry that I was out sick and I didn’t get to say “bye,” and I hate I missed your Going Away party. Be safe, have fun, and keep in touch!!


  3. I know your momma is gonna miss you and little man an incredible amount. Keep in touch, be safe, make every insignificant or extraordinary stop you can. It’ll make the best memories. Yolo.


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